Movable Type 4 Article Series (Upgrading)

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I have been using Movable Type as my primary blogging software for few years. And this September, I have upgraded to the latest version of Movable Type: Movable Type 4. So far, I like it alot! It works for me, that’s the most important point. I do not want to bring other blogging applications into debate here. But, it’s more about my personal experience with a blogging applicaton called Movable Type.

Movable Type 4 (again) comes with many great improvements and it’s very feature-rich. I already listed some features I like. If you want to read the completed and detailed features just head to Movable Type 4 features list.

It has been a month since Movable Type 4 came to public for the first time. But, I still see many MT-powered blogs running on MT 3.x. Sometime, I have this question: Is it safe to upgrade to Movable Type 4? The shortest answer will be “Yes!”, but in some other circumtances, “May be” or “May be not”. Well, I upgraded without problems.

So, I am thinking of writing some articles about upgrading to Movable Type 4. I know there are already many tutorials out there. I will write from my perspectives and I hope they are useful. I will write about these topics:

  • Initial steps before upgrading — Things to consider before upgrading, so that you do not break your Movable Type.
  • Upgrading — A step-by-step tutorial.
  • Configuring the new Movable Type 4 — Things to do after you have your blog upgraded.
  • Working with Movable Type 4 — Getting the most from Movable Type. I will write some basic tutorial on how to use the new features in Movable Type 4.

Stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “Movable Type 4 Article Series (Upgrading)”

  1. @ first you need posting a tutorial(s) about : ” How To blocking Spam Comment(s) espicialy from DebbyF in MT 4 “.

    Its fit for you. I Promise.

  2. Haha! That’s right Kus!

    I know that last week, my blog got a massive spam attack. The ‘funny’ things is that some blogs I maintain (using WordPress) also got these. It was pretty unusual.

    Right now, this blog uses Akismet and Spamlookup. And I just upgraded my MT to the latest version (4.01). I am not whether it was MT, Spamlookup, or Akismet…

    I know, and I admit that Textpattern has a good spam-handling feature. :)

  3. huhuh.. masih bingung dengan MT, bung.. mbok ditambahin, tutorialnya.. especially after sucessfully install MT.. :D

    mohon pencerahannya!

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